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Art Shoes

Art Boots

Art boots were first launched in 1995; Art boots are inspired by works of art from around the world, namely sculpture and architecture. This idea is innovative and unique, making Art boots exclusive as well as extremely popular. And as any fashion guru can tell you, individuality is the name of the game, making Art boots the boot of choice for the fashion conscious people of today.

Art boots are manufactured using only the highest quality products, as such, the durability of Art boots is second to none, renowned for their hardwearing, resilient and weather proof properties, as anyone who has ever owned a pair can tell you, once you have tried them you will never want to wear anything else. For stitching Art boots utilize only heavy-duty thread, but for the thickness of the material, they add character to the shoe, without being overly expressive. Art boots come in a variety of different soles, including 100% rubber soles, and coupled with their trademark visible stitching, Art boots ooze style and sophistication.  

Art boots suit many styles of dress, the knee-high boots, for example go exceptionally well with a funky pair of tights and a mini-skirt. Equally, many of the various styles of Art boot available suit the skinny jean look as well as the kick flare, boot-cut and straight leg style of jeans. Art shoes are versatile in terms of the occasions they suit, they are perfectly suited to everyday use, but are equally fitting in an office environment. If you are unsure the degree to which a pair of Art shoes will fit your look, offers expert advice to help customers enhance their style, ensure their shoes provide great mobility, flexibility and comfort.

A common issue people have when purchasing shoes online concerns a fear that the shoes will not fit once they arrive, without the chance to try on a pair of Art boots, as is possible in a shop floor, apparently there is little to guarantee good fit. This fear is largely unfounded, shoe sizes are fairly standardised, if a person knows their shoe size, then a pair of shoes purchased online in that particular size, should be the perfect fit – if in doubt, contact for advice.

You can browse a great range of Art boots at, each style of Art boots has been carefully selected to reflect current trends, ensuring that every pair of Art boots purchased will set the wearer ahead of the crowd with their fashionable shoes.